My Journey

I came into the care of Dr. Keyser after an arduous journey through three detox programs, two psychiatric wards, one dual-diagnosis psychiatric/drug rehab, and two IOPs. I was battling with alcoholism and psychotic episodes that raised doctor’s suspicions for schizophrenia, dissociative personality disorder, and bipolar. I was also taking a smorgasbord of prescriptions. Now, I am mere days away from my two-year anniversary in sobriety, no episodes, and no hospitals. Dr. Keyser has been a staple in my recovery of
paramount importance.

Dr. Keyser has an attitude of trusting time proven methods, and I appreciate that greatly. We meet every week in person or at least by phone if travelling. He thoroughly listened to my story, and, before writing any more scripts, explained the pros/cons with my hospital issued drugs. I caught the vibe early on that he doesn’t peddle choice, name-brand drugs for the sake of modernity. We settled on a plan, one of measured change that I monitored through blood work. In the end, I consolidated from six medicines (Depakote, Trazadone, Risperdal, Trilifon, Camplor, Propanolol) from the hospital (some lethal, I have learned) to simply two: Lithium and Pamelor. I had been in and out of hospital/psychiatric/rehab programs for nearly
6 months and these two medicines never were considered. I’m also doing wonderfully now. Effective? Absolutely.

In my psychiatric and alcoholic recovery, I have sought all forms of aid I could find: AA, therapy and psychiatric care. All of the three pieces fit together and noticeable improvement began when I started seeing Dr. Keyser. My cycles are largely muted, and I am increasingly more aware of them. Everything is more manageable. It’s funny when feeling and behaving like a calm, normal person becomes an accomplishment. Prior to, I went through incredible swings: barely sleeping for weeks and being hyper-productive, explosively angry, miserably exhausted and isolated, paranoid, and still contemplating my exit finale. All of this is a fleeting memory.

Our process, which I thoroughly enjoy, is based on conversations not directly about me and my well-being. Though, if I have a concern, it is never ignored. He has a knack for identifying when I am off my equilibrium and uses those signals to recommend adjustments. My dosages have been adjusted a few times, and my current levels are always still a focus of change. There is a strong consistency in my care, but the goal is to minimize unnecessary medication. 

Simply put, Dr. Keyser has aided me in returning to a much more productive, serene, and aware version of myself. This journey has been a real tour de force, and I will keep
working to stay this way. 

Russ V.